Promotional USB Drives

Promotional USB, Memory Stick, USB Drive, Express Flash Drives, USB Flash, USB Stick, Pen Drives,... So many names for such a useful bit of kit! USB memory sticks are indispensable to many people, being a versatile and portable device for storing and sharing files.

Personalised USB sticks are a great way of increasing brand awareness and sharing information with your customers, contacts and even friends. USB Europe has one of the largest selections of memory sticks, including Card Memory stick, Mini USB, plastic USB, wood USB, rubber USB, Metal USB, bespoke USB, and USB People. With custom printing you can have your company logo or sales message printed on your memory stick of choice.

These USB drives come in a selection of memory sizes range: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB.

For more information and to see the full range of promotional flash drives please use the links below or call us on 0800 107 7531.

Need USBs in a Hurry?

Is your deadline looming and your concerned you won't have time to order? Don't worry, we always have a selected range of express USB's available in our UK stock, that can be delivered to you quickly, in only 72 hours. Our UK USB promotional flash drives come in a range of memory sizes and can be custom printed and at your your door from just 3 days! Quick leadtimes and excellent products means that everyone will be happy!!

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Video Cards

A unique printed brochure with a built-in high resolution micro-thin video screen. Just think of the possibilities! No longer restricted to what can fit in a printable area. With 256Mb flash memory as standard (up to 32Gb), Video cards are the ideal marketing and promotions tool.

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Rubber USB Flash Drives

Rubber USB Flash drives feature a unique rubber coating which provides extra grip. We offer a full custom USB service, creating a unique rubber drive for you. We control the print, design, shape and can pan tone colour match, to give you exactly what you want.

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Novelty USB

Novelty USB’s add fun into your marketing, with our great range of novelty, promotional flash drives. The fun shapes range from cars, syringes, fizzy drink cans and even bottles. We can now also offer our novelty flash drive in any shape you like.

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USB Gadgets

USB Gadgets are always a point of interest, everyone wants the latest one! Here at USB Europe, we have a wide range of gadgets to suit your branding, product launch or event.

We have a range of accessories that fit into your USB port including lamps, fans, hubs and webclick devices.

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Recycled USB

Recycled USB, promotional flash drives, are made from recycled materials and are consistently a best seller. They still have the same great functions as a standard promotional flash drive but with the added benefit of being recycled. To make these even more appealing our recycled flash drives cost the same as our standard range. Decide to go green this year with the recycled flash drive.

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Wood USB Flash Drives

Wood USB and Bamboo flash drives, offer a classy and natural alternative to manmade materials, without a high price tag but retaining all the great technical features and branding options of a regular USB drive.

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USB Pens

USB pen drives combine a fully functional ballpoint pen with USB flash drives. These executive gadgets can be custom printed with your logo for the ultimate promtional item. Get your next promotion noticed with the pen drive.


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Promotional USB Drives

Promotional USB Sticks are part of a large range of corporate gifts. Personalised Drives are an important way of getting your brand, in front of the people you want to take notice of your company. To give something useful is seen as being the best course of action, if you want to reach your target audience and be remembered in a positive way. You can upload important files, such as your company brochure and, if you keep plenty of space free on the memory stick, the recipient will find that really useful – every time they use the USB stick, (even if it’s to store personal files), they will remember your company. 

Promotional USB sticks are not just for giving away. If members of your team regularly visit clients or work away, give them a USB drive to take with them; it reinforces your brand in a subtle way that is sure to get noticed. Staff love having corporate gifts too, your staff will be very brand aware if they are surrounded by the brand.

USB sticks are consistently one of the biggest selling promotional items; Imagine a life, without the portability, that USB promotional drives offer. It really is as simple, as dragging a file from your computer onto the drive. USB Europe also offer a large range of recycled promotional flash drives which are made from recycled materials or sourced from sustainable natural products.